Airport Location: 7 NM  E  PHILIPSBURG  N40 53.0  W078 05.2   Apt. Elev. 1948   
Traffic Pattern Altitude: 2948'MSL (1000'AGL)  LEFT HAND PATTERN  
Magnetic Variation: 10 deg W
UNICOM Frequency: 122.9
FSS: ALTOONA  122.6  122.5  122.1G  115.5T
New York Center Approach/Departure Frequency: 134.8
We have no fuel at this time.

The Airside facilities at the Mid-State Regional Airport consists of two runways and four connector taxiways.

Runway 16/34 is the primary runway with dimensions of 5,711 feet long and 100 feet wide.

Runway 06/24 is the crosswind runway with dimensions of 5,006 feet long and 100 feet wide and non-precision instrument markings.

Both runways are asphalt and the overall pavement conditions on each runway is fair.

There are five taxiways at the airport: A, B, C, D and E:

Throughout the year, the Airport hosts the Sports Car Club of America rallies for Central Pennsylvania. During times of the rallies, NOTAMs are posted.

If you are planning to fly into the airport during the car rallies, it’s not a problem. The airport is not closed during the rallies. SCCA and airport personnel are equipped with radios to know when aircraft are approaching.

If you are flying in to watch the rally, we suggest back taxiing on RW-24 from the runway intersection and parking to the left of the runway.

Hangar Space

Hangar space located at the airport includes a 14,400 square foot conventional hangar. This hangar has three offices, two restrooms and a shower facility. To request more information on this and other hangars available at Mid-State Airport, please call 814-342-3897 or 814-342-6296 (leave message).

Pennsylania Army National Guard — Aviation and Helicopter Training

Manuevers and annual on-site training at Mid-State Airport.

On-Call Consulting

For aircraft emergencies, contact or call/text Jeff at 814-933-6311.

Recreational Aviation Foundation
“Preserving, Maintaining and Creating Recreational Airstrips”

Interested in Organized Pilot Camping? For general information or organized pilot camping at Mid-State, contact Chris Groshel (PA State Liaison) The RAF Mission: “Keeping the legacy of recreational aviation strong by preserving, maintaining and creating public use recreational and backcountry airstrips nationwide.”

About the Unique Topography Surrounding Mid-State Airport

Excerpt from Ben Cramer’s Guide to the Allegheny Front Trail, 2nd edition:

“On a topographic map of Pennsylvania, the Allegheny Front is a very dramatic feature. This abrupt uprising in the landscape marks the boundary between the parallel valleys and sharp-backed ridges of the aptly named Ridge and Valley Province to the south and east, and the high jumbled hills of the Allegheny Plate to the north and west. Passengers on commuter flights traveling eastbound toward University Park will see a gently rolling landscape plunging dramatically into Bald Eagle Valley while pilots flying in the other direction face a steep forested wall of dimension seen in few other places east of the Mississippi.” (p. 8)